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Minahasa Challenge

temple project cycling adventure minahasa challenge manado

During the weekend of the 26th and 27th of November Temple Project will be in the city of Manado to host our Minahasa Challenge.  Over a period of 2 days we will ride together covering 300km of asphalt and 3,600 meters of elevation.  On day 1 our route will take us along the northern coastline of the island and on day 2 we will head inland to the mountain town of Tondano to touch the clouds while taking in majestic views of Danau Tondano. 

The spirit of this event is to have an opportunity to rediscover the thrill and adventure of discovering new roads and terrain in a foreign environment amongst friends who share a similar passion for cycling.  To celebrate the sense of camaraderie and esprit de corps of group riding we are only opening 10 slots to our Inner Circle members. 

For more detailed information regarding Temple Project’s Minahasa Challenge have a look at our FAQ below.  We hope that you can find the time to join us to conquer the roads and mountains of Sulawesi Utara this 26th and 27th of November. 

How much will the event cost and what do I get?
The cost per rider for single-occupancy is Rp4.9Jt and for double-occupancy Rp4jt. Included in the cost are the following:
  • 3 days and 2 nights at Grand Luley Resort
  • All meals including drink stations and snacks during riding
  • Airport transportation
  • Event jersey by Temple Project

When is the event?

The 26th (Saturday) and 27th (Sunday) of November. We expect participants to arrive in the afternoon/early evening of the 25th of November, Friday, so that they will have enough time to setup their bikes and join us for the evening dinner and briefing.

Where are we staying? 
We will be staying in Bunaken at the Grand Luley, a 4-star resort where you will be able to recover from the days riding in comfort and luxury. The rooms we have chosen are Deluxe Garden View rooms.  For more info on Grand Luley you can check out their website

What kind of ride will it be? 
This is a group ride amongst friends.  We will stay together as a pack and leave no rider behind.  The pace will be brisk but relaxed on the flats and on the climbs each person sets their own pace.  After each major climb we will slow the pace down to regroup before continuing on. 

What kind of support will you have during the ride? 
For safety purposes we will have support cars at designated waypoints on the route. These vehicles will provide refreshments at various water stations and pit-stops throughout the route.  Additionally, the support cars will also serve as evac car in the event someone has a catastrophic mechanical failure and is unable to continue the ride. 

I want to know the route and profile, where can I check it out?
Here are the links to the day 1 and day 2 routes via Garmin Connect;  Day 1 link here, Day 2 link here.

The route sounds challenging, do you think I can do it?

300km’s and 3,600 meters of elevation gain over 2 days is not a ride for beginners. Temple Project’s Minahasa Challenge is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders who have previously finished Audax distances of 200 kilometers and are comfortable doing climbing repeats of Rainbowhill/KM0.  The terrain is not flat so you will either be climbing or going downhill most of the time.  The typical gradient for climbs is 5-9%.  Occasionally you will encounter gradients in excess of 10% and only a few times will you encounter gradients in excess of 20%. 

How do I get to Manado?

Most major airlines fly from Jakarta to Manado so you can take your pick. However, from our own experience Garuda, Lion Air, and Batik Air offer the most convenient flight times.  Ticket prices can range from 2Jt (Lion/Batik) up to 4Jt (Garuda, no charge for bicycle).  See below for a table of travel times to and from Manado on the relevant dates.  Flight time from Jakarta to Manado is about 3.5hrs.  

temple project minahasa challenge cycling adventure
*You are responsible for making your own flight arrangements so please check the airlines' website for the most up to date information.  

How do I get myself and my bike to the hotel?

Temple Project will arrange transportation for you and your bike case from the airport. When you leave we will also take care of the transportation arrangements.  It takes about 45 minutes to drive from the airport to Grand Luley, and vice-versa.

Where do I store my bike at the hotel?
Temple Project has arranged to use one of the meeting rooms as a bike depository. The room is lockable and we will have the key in our possession.  The bike depository will allow us to have one specific area for all bike activities (pumps, mechanicals issues, etc.) thus keeping your room free of clutter and allowing you to relax unencumbered. 

How do we know the route and what if we get separated from the pack?

Each day’s route will be made available to participants prior to the event so you may upload the .gpx file to your Garmin. Additionally, the evening before each day we will have a briefing during dinner where will give a run-down of the following days route including locations for drink stations and pit-stops.  As an added security measure we would recommend you have a smart phone with a Telkomsel sim card so you can have consistent access to Google Maps as a backup.  That being said, as stated earlier the aim of the ride is to stay together and only in unforeseen circumstances will a rider be on the route alone.  In the event you do get separated from the pack you can call the road captain/sweeper or any of the drivers of support cars, the telephone numbers will be made available to you. 

This sounds awesome, how do I register for this cycling bonanza?

We are stoked to have you on board. Registration is easy.  Send an email with the subject ‘Minahasa Challenge Registration’ to and include your full name and hand phone number.  If you are planning to register for double-occupancy you need to provide us the name, email and HP of the person with whom you will be sharing the room.  Once we confirm that we still have open slots for the event we will get back to you via email or Whatsap for payment details.  Note that you are responsible for making your own travel arrangements.  So before you register please check flight availability and pricing in advance. 

Your FAQ sucks, I still have unanswered questions. Who can I contact?

If we haven’t answered one of your burning questions and it’s keeping you up late at night don’t fret.  Just send an email to and we will get back to you ASAP.