Merdeka Jersey 2019

Proudly present Merdeka Jersey 2019

Inspired by Indonesia's national anthem "Indonesia Raya", this year's jersey displayed the lyrics of the most played anthem in the history of Indonesia. Played on every national ceremony in official buildings, schools, and the whole nation, brought tears to many athletes who heard the anthem when they reach the podium and reminded our veterans on the sacrifice they made for the nation.

Adopting the original lyrics of "Indonesia Raja" with its original "edjaan loeama" writings and our approach of Sansekert type of fonts, this year's Merdeka Jersey has a deeper meaning and concept of its own and It certainly has a special place in our collection.

Designed and collaborated in Bali, made in Europe with Italian's finest fabric that we can get our hands-on, Merdeka has reached its new meaning, the freedom to express, create and collaborate crossing many borders and nations.

limited to only 120 pcs made, this is a collection you can not miss.

Pre-order now and secure your Merdeka 2019 jersey.

*Unisex pattern, please measure your chest size and compare it to our size chart. before ordering.

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