Off-the-Bike Face Mask - Japanese Vibe

Wearing a mask in public transportation and areas is proven to minimize the risk of carrying and transmitting flu-like diseases such as COVID 19, and as the pandemic continues to spread we reach out to many of our manufacturing partners to create masks that not only fashionable but also effective in protecting you and your loved ones.

Our anti-bacterial coated mask will last up to 40 wash* until it loses its effectiveness against bacterias. 

The 3 layers materials will make your mask sits comfortably on your skin while protecting you from droplets, dust, pollen, and bacterias.

Thanks to nose adjuster you will have a mask that stays on your face and hold its form while you do your daily activity.

The laces are adjustable to however you would like to wear it, around your ear or around your head.

Show that you care, wear a mask.

Product details:
- One size fits all
- Anti-bacterial coated
- Made from 3 layers with a soft inner part
- Nose adjuster
- Adjustable laces
- Unique design
- 2 Masks per pack
- 2 colors available in white and blue

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